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Here, we propose a step beyond scientific sessions by adding citizen science dynamics. Citizen Science is the participation of ordinary citizens in scientific studies. For facing complex environmental issues in a responsible manner, public scientific literacy and citizen science have gained much attention. Citizens acting like scientists have stronger positive attitudes towards the environment. There are many examples of successful programs where citizens gather crucial data about global climate change, biodiversity inventory and biological invasions, among others.

From this perspective, we intend to open the 1th International Workshop ALERTOOLS to citizens through the poster sessions. These sessions will be held at the Valdecarzana Palace and be open to general public, for citizens to see the scientific poster presentations and discuss them directly with investigators. Since science may sound not very exciting for some people, other activities are programmed together with the poster exhibition aimed at attracting participants of diverse ages and interests.

14 October

17:30h-19:30h. Valdecarzana Palace. Poster Session I. Children’s game about invasive species. Organized around the posters, children will play with shells of exotic shellfish and find-the-invader in a colorful underwater forest. Adults are also invited. Come with your children and get involved!

17:30h-19:00h. Valdecarzana Palace. Poster Session II. Music session and public debates. Local groups will be invited to play live music nearby, entangled with short theatric speeches to promote debate with spectators and audience. Fun –and perhaps some provocative thinking- is warranted…

Citizens are essential for successful solution of socio-ecological issues. Opening the doors of the 1th International Workshop ALERTOOLS, we’d like to connect science, education and citizenship, involving ordinary citizens in a genuine scientific meeting.

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