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What is Alertools 2016?

ALERTOOLS 2016 is an international workshop for researchers, teachers, students and citizens concerned about a subject of hot topicality: the biological invasions. Organized together by the Marine Observatory of Asturias and the Cluster of Environment and Energy of the Campus of Excellence of the University of Oviedo, is coordinated by Dr. Yaisel Borrell (Biology) and Dr. Eduardo Dopico (Education Sciences) under the scientific direction of Prof. Eva Garcia-Vazquez. Key experts in the field coming from the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Lithuania, USA, have confirmed their participation.

Why Alertools 2016?

One of the bigger threats for the ecosystems is nowadays the inadvertent or deliberate introduction of non-indigenous species. Such species may exhibit invasive behavior and outcompete autochthonous biota, altering local biodiversity and causing ecological disasters, even serious socioeconomic problems when they affect natural resources. As an example for the last decades, in European Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts the number of introduced non-native species has increased exponentially up to 1,000. With them increases the risk of recipient ecosystems to be colonized by invasive species. The same happens globally in all oceans and continents.

For the reasons above, the appearance of exotic species out if their natural –or normal- geographical range should be systematically observed; their potential introduction vectors carefully surveyed; their origin, dispersal capacity and colonization potential monitored. Early detection of exotics is therefore crucial, since multiple introductions enhance their probabilities of settlement in the new location and perhaps invade recipient ecosystems. New alert techniques (molecular, acoustic, photographic) and the participation of citizens are keystones of early detection of non-indigenous organisms.


The City of Áviles is a reference in Asturias for citizen awareness in policy and actions of environmental regeneration. ALERTOOLS 2016 is an opportunity to reinforce that role and make the city a new space of academic and citizen debate relevant for conservation and management of natural ecosystems.

ALERTOOLS 2016 is organized in different spaces of Avilés City. The scientific workshop sessions, restricted to the participants, include presentations, colloquium and debate. They will be hold in the amazing Niemeyer Center (http://www.niemeyercenter.org), the architectonic flagship of the city. The poster sessions will be open to the public downtown near the City Hall. Avilés citizens are invited to come, see the posters, have a chat with the scientists, and participate in games organized around the poster exhibition.

Selected presentations will be published in a peer-reviewed journal (to be announced soon). All the Abstracts will be published independently in a book with ISBN

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